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Status saver is used to download & save status, a single click to save all statuses. Now you can save the status with Status Saver. Save videos & photos status directly into your gallery or Share even without saving.
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Aug 18, 2022
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Varies with device
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WhatsApp Status Saver download app – save WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp status saver , one click to save all statuses. Many of the WhatsApp statuses that your friends are working on are sharing the status daily. If the videos and photos are different, download the WhatsApp Story saver program. It is also now possible to download WhatsApp Status through this beautiful program that provides free features.

As a program for downloading WhatsApp video Status, you can also download the program from the Play Store with ease. As a hacked status saver, download the WhatsApp status saver program 2022, download the WhatsApp status program 2022, and also enjoy its features and qualities that it provides

You can easily save the Status that are cleansed on WhatsApp through the WhatsApp case download application, and you can also save them directly to the phone gallery so that you can return to it and share it simply and anytime you want.

Now you can save status from different apps using Status Saver for WhatsApp.

There are many Status that you want to save or download directly to your phone, in addition to the fact that you can download WhatsApp Status that contain various videos, you can also save and download image Status directly to your phone.

Save videos & amp; Photos from WhatsApp status directly to your gallery or share even without saving.

You can share the statuses that you can save with many friends.

Information about WhatsApp Status Saver, Download Whatsapp Status – Download Whatsapp Status for 2022 Android – APK Download

  • Download WhatsApp Status Saver APK: Over a long period of time, many programs have been facilitated to download WhatsApp statuses in many distinct and different ways. like that; Download the WhatsApp status program 2022, but it works in all the imposed functions.
  • Download the WhatsApp Story saver program for iPhone: This program was also created mainly for those who wish to get all the videos and images, which have also been shared through Status for WhatsApp with their friends on the WhatsApp program. Also, the WhatsApp 2022 Status download program.
  • This is because it provides some easy, guaranteed and simple ways. Also, download the WhatsApp Status Saver Program 2019; also to get many different Status in addition to several services, and other features provided by the program.
  • Status Saver WhatsApp statuses for Android: as; That this program has been downloaded and programmed with the best features available immediately to provide some experiences related to WhatsApp. You will not be able to find it in any other program.
  • Download WhatsApp and Facebook Status: You can also download WhatsApp stories on the store when you download the program. As you download WhatsApp Status without programs, you will find beautiful and wonderful shapes in the main background in colors that match each other at the level of many available sections within the program.
  • Through the organization, the program will be available organized in a distinctive and large way. Also, downloading the WhatsApp status saver program for free, as many of the existing options related to downloading stories on the WhatsApp program are binding, and arranged in great formats. Also, download the case download program for Android for free to save and download Status Whatsapp easily.

Features of the WhatsApp Status Saver download application

Here are the most important features and characteristics available in the WhatsApp statuses application, which make it a wonderful and preferred application for most WhatsApp users to get statuses.

  1. A large number of Status: It contains a very large number of Status, these messages are organized and divided into sections so that it is easy for you to access the messages you want, the messages in the program are wonderful and beautiful and you can use them to express your status for every ease.
  2. A light and free application: one of its most important features is that its size is small and does not require a large area of ​​​​the phone, and it is a light application that does not consume a lot of the device’s resources, and in addition, it is a completely free application that you can download from the Google Play Store and use it with ease.
  3. Its use is easy: its use is very easy, the interface of the application is simple and easy, you can copy and paste messages in WhatsApp or anywhere else with ease, which makes it a good and easy to use application.
  4. Text control: You can control the texts of the Status that you copy, you can decorate them or change the size of the fonts, which helps you choose the good and clear fonts for you.
  5. Obtaining distinctive messages: Through it, you can get distinctive messages, as the application contains a special section for the distinctive and favorite messages of many users, as the application collects them in one place, which facilitates access to them.
  6. A constantly renewed application: What distinguishes the WhatsApp status application is that it is a constantly renewed and updated application where many new messages are included with each update, and you can access the new messages that are added to the application with ease by updating it through the application settings.
WhatsApp Status Saver download app - save WhatsApp statuses
WhatsApp Status Saver download app – save WhatsApp statuses

One click to save

  • Open WhatsApp to be able to run the application to download and save WhatsApp statuses that are shared by friends.
  • Only display the desired status.
  • Go to the application immediately after you open the WhatsApp application to download the Status you liked.
  • Press the save button and it will be yours through the application to save WhatsApp statuses.

You can save multiple and varied Status in a very easy way

  • the condition.
  • GB status.
  • business case.
  • parallel space.
  • Parallel Space Lite.

The advantages of the WhatsApp Status Saver download application, which you can get by downloading the application directly:

  • Easily save WhatsApp statuses.
  • Repost without saving.
  • Watching Saved Videos & amp; Pictures.
  • Save, repost, share and delete.
  • WhatsApp clips photos and videos at runtime.


* This app is not affiliated with WhatsApp.

* Please obtain permission from the owner before reposting videos or photos.

* Any unauthorized actions or violations of intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the user.

Status Saver Downloader for WhatsApp

  • Do you want to download a status for WhatsApp? Are you looking to download whatsapp status? Not satisfied with other status downloads? Try the best WhatsApp saver mode! Video Status Downloader can save all statuses.
  • Customize your device with parallel space and use status downloader to download different categories of statuses like GB status, WhatsApp business , parallel etc.
  • Share your feelings with family and other loved ones and be social with social networking status saver app.
  • Share your moments with friends using whatsapp web app with this status app and share your story with other friends online.
  • This app is probably close to other social apps and seems to be other messaging apps with its own option to open WhatsApp web page in mobile view.

download whatsapp status

Are you looking for whatsapp status downloader to save stories? Try the best download for whatsapp status and save stories. It allows you to save all WhatsApp statuses directly to gallery as story saver.

Download whatsapp Status Saver video

Do you want a WhatsApp status app to download WhatsApp status videos ? Try WhatsApp Status Savers app to download WhatsApp status videos or to save story highlights.

Download WhatsApp statuses< Try this mode to download WhatsApp status! You will find that it is the best whatsapp status saver for whatsapp download status.

whatsapp status

Is there any interesting whatsapp status video you want to download? Use WhatsApp Status Saver to save the video and make it your own.


Do you want to download WhatsApp Status Saver? Do you want to share WhatsApp status? Try downloading whatsapp statuses and save the video.

Status Saver video for app

Try this video status downloader app if you want to save status video – WhatsApp. It is the best status video downloader app for WhatsApp.

All status saver

The app will most likely be the same as what you want to download for all automatic status and screen savers. Business status saver for business statuses and whatsapp status. Status video downloader for whatsapp video download. If you want to download whatsapp status video, then get ready to download this premium app and enjoy the status saver entertainment in gallery.


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