Vaku : Accelerator and Cleaner
Vaku is a utility that helps you clean your device in an effective way, and you can also get a lot of space from your device’s memory, but it is not the only function of the application on your phone.
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Vaku App: Accelerator and Cleaner

Vaku is a utility that helps you clean your device in an effective way, and you can also get a lot of space from your device’s memory, but it is not the only function of the application on your phone.

It also has many other advantages of this android cleaner that are no less important.

It seems that your phone is suffering from memory capacity problems, but do not worry through the Vaku application

You can also get a lot of space and get rid of some files and waste that you will not benefit from at all

However, it causes problems with your phone’s memory space

The Vaco application also cleans all waste so that you can obtain high speed of use.

Vaku Optimizer offers users

  • ⚡ Monitor the processor temperature and avoid overheating. Cooling the CPU also contributes to prolonging both the life of the phone and the battery.
  • ⚡ Ram Cleaner is a tool for Android that optimizes your phone’s operations and saves its resources, which helps speed up your device better
  • ⚡ Helps analyze used applications and remove unused programs. Apps that are not being used can consume the resources of the phone’s CPU, RAM, cache, and many more.
  • ⚡ Clear cache by deleting temporary files, which means it will free up space for additional files
  • ⚡ Junk file cleaner & phone cleaner checks for duplicate files (documents & photos and then also offers you to delete them)
  • ⚡ Helps you conserve battery charge by activating one of several power saving modes. Your phone’s battery charge will last longer and contribute to longer battery life

Vaku cache cleaner

cleaner for Android can also help you clean your device from junk files, boost the performance of your phone apps, clean data, and many more features. Phone Cleaner and your phone app performance booster will remind you to save battery by cleaning apps.

You can also preserve your phone’s battery through this free application, as this application will be able to enhance the performance of your phone’s battery, in addition to that the application works to greatly preserve the phone’s battery in terms of maintaining battery enhancement in use.

Through an increase in battery life, in addition to faster charging of the phone’s battery, because the Vacu application cleans the phone of all applications and viruses that cause damage to the battery, and the occurrence of major problems in terms of charging the battery, many harmful viruses also cause the phone’s battery to drain. , which may decrease the battery charging rate and also lead to overheating of the battery, but do not worry, through our Vaco application you will be able to obtain a strong and safe phone battery.

The main functions of Vaku Easy Phone Cleaner

Junk file cleaner. The function of this software is to constantly search for unwanted and unnecessary files (removing junk files) and then suggests the owner to delete them from storage. Through this option, you can obtain a large storage space on the phone’s memory.

🚀 Android cache cleaner, phone booster, Vaku smart tablet cleaner, phone speed booster can remove junk files and improve your phone’s overall performance.

❄️ Phone Cleaner, Booster, CPU Optimizer & Speed ​​Booster. The special tab allows the user to know the processor temperature. Its timely correction feature also allows you to work more efficiently while avoiding overheating.

🔋 Energy saving. The application monitors the battery charge level and suggests choosing one of the power saving modes, which contributes to significantly extending the phone’s operating time and preserving battery life.

📱 Application manager. With Vaku Phone Booster, phone manager, you can track and get rid of all unused apps.

🔒 Locker Master application. Protect your phone apps and prevent others from accessing your phone data. Your phone guard and data security.

👍 Just a few steps left to support your phone to reach its full potential and boost its speed. Vaku Phone Booster & Junk Cleaner will let you know how efficient your phone is.

Install Memory Cleaner and Optimizer on your phone and enjoy its performance. Unleash all your phone’s hidden potential with Utility Vaku Phone Booster!

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