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Jungle and world adventure game.
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Super Machino run 


Super Machino is a game of adventure of the jungle and the world. It is a game of fans and distinctive adventures that take you back to the old time. Do you remember Super Mario and his companion here? You can have a more distinctive and enjoyable experience with the Super Machino game. Enjoy now with the adventurous hero Machino. Overcome the obstacles and get rid of the deadly monsters and enjoy the transition from One stage to another until you reach the end.

About the game Super Machino

Machino Bros (Machino run) is mentioned as an exciting classic jungle adventure game but also many difficulties and challenges. In this super game, you will jump and adventure with Machino to mysterious new lands. A land in which many deadly monsters and deadly obstacles will not be able to stop even for a moment, many frightening dangers await you.

Take the background which is a peaceful village and then a monster turtle from where it is sabotaged. You will have to control Machino by jumping at the right time to avoid dangers and destroy the monster to protect the village. You will have to shoot to get rid of the deadly monsters to survive your soul and find the hidden treasure at the end of the game.

Super Machino run game story

Super Machino run tells the story of brave adventurer Machino who is roaming the world to get rid of the bad guys, in this jungle game Super Machino will jump in beautifully funny but also dangerous maps, and face monster like: roving poisonous mushrooms, winged turtles, and gunner turtles.

And not only that but on your way you will find spine turtles, cannibal flowers and many other enemies with jungle terrain full of obstacles. You need to show your skillful use of jump buttons to help Machino’s adventure and fend off the evil tortoise monster and complete the mission to find peace for the village, download now a unique adventure game .

Features of Super Machino run

There are many features that you will find in our Super Macino game where you will face the most interesting challenges and the most beautiful adventures, all you have to do is enjoy killing evil monsters and winning the treasure at the end of the stages, now enjoy the game with its many features.

– Super game with beautiful, smooth and lively interface.
– Music and sound effects.
– Adventure game suitable for all ages.
– Jungle game includes 20 zones and 100 levels with time limit for each level for players to feel exciting, challenging and fun.
– Don’t forget to charge energy and eat special items to increase its power against the evil turtle monster.
– Adventure game with different jungle game maps: snow, night, grass hill, fire, desert, jungle, haunted house, heaven.
– Evil turtle and monster enemies are waiting for you to punish you.
– Kill the monster by shooting or jumping on the head.
– Easy to play with 4 buttons: jump, jump eddy, shoot and run fast for you to enjoy playing.
– List of player benefits: Gold, crystal system and corresponding rewards for daily tasks.


عن لعبة Super Machino run

وسط ظهور العديد من أنواع الألعاب الفائقة وتطورها اليوم ، لا تزال Machino Bros (Machino run) لعبة غابة كلاسيكية للمغامرة للاعبين العديد من التجارب الرائعة التي لا تنسى. لأن ما يمنح اللاعبين ليس فقط الاسترخاء والتخفيف من التعب ، ولكن أيضًا مشاعر الطفولة الرائعة مع لعبة مغامرة تدمير الوحش لإنقاذ الأميرة الأسطورية.

قم بتنزيل هذه اللعبة الفائقة الآن على هاتفك لتتمكن من تجسيد Machino الشجاع مع رحلة مغامرة لعبة الغابة وتدمير وحش السلاحف الشرير لاستعادة السلام للقرية المحبوبة. ولاتنسى مشاركة اللعبة مع أصدقائك وأقاربك للعب لعبة المغامرة والقفز مع Machino (Machino run). نتطلع إلى تلقي تعليقاتكم لنكون قادرين على تحسين وتطوير هذه اللعبة الفائقة بشكل أفضل في الإصدار التالي

تحميل لعبة Super Machino run

يمكنك الحصول على لعبة Super Machino run  بصيغة APK بكل سهولة وتثبيته على جهاز الهاتف دون الحاجة لجوجل بلاي أو أي تطبيقات التحميل، قم بتنزيل لعبة Super Machino run  والعبها اليوم للمشاركة في قهر التحديات الرائعة، استمتع  بـ تنزيل لعبة مسلية كهذه ، حمل اللعبة من خلال اتباع خطوات التحميل التالية لتنزيل اللعبة على جهازك :
1- انتقل لموقعنا xapkpure للحصول على التطبيق
2- ابحث عن التطبيق في مربع البحث
3- اضغط على زر التحميل لتثبيت التطبيق على جهازك المحمول.
استمتع الآن بلعبة Super Machino run لعبة المغامرات الأفضل

What's new

- Improve levels - Improve quality - Fix some minor bugs



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