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Sudoku Classic Puzzle Game هي لعبة أرقام مجانية لشحذ عقلك. تدريب عقلك من خلال لعب لعبة سودوكو بدون اتصال بالإنترنت مجانًا دون أي إعلانات أو أي IAP. تتكون لعبة ألغاز Sudoku من خمسة أوضاع صعوبة مختلفة أكثر من 5000 من ألغاز سودوكو الفريدة من نوعها مع كل من الوضعين الكلاسيكي و jigsaw وسيتم إضافة المزيد من ألغاز الدماغ بشكل مستمر. قم بتنزيل تطبيقنا لألغاز سودوكو غير المتصلة بالإنترنت لهاتفك الذي يعمل بنظام Android بدون إعلانات. تدريب عقلك ، وتطوير التفكير المنطقي ، وشحذ ذاكرتك وإرخاء عقلك من خلال لعب أفضل لعبة ألغاز سودوكو كلاسيكية. العب لعبة سودوكو غير محدودة في أي مكان وفي أي وقت.
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Sudoku Classic Puzzle Game is a free numbers game to sharpen your brain. Train your brain by playing sudoku game offline for free without any ads or any IAP. Sudoku Classic puzzle game consists of five different difficulty modes More than 5000 unique sudoku puzzles with both classic and jigsaw modes and more brain puzzles will be added continuously.

Download our offline sudoku puzzles app for your Android phone without ads. Train your brain, develop logical thinking, sharpen your memory and relax your mind by playing the best classic sudoku puzzle game. Play unlimited sudoku anywhere, anytime.

Classic sudoku puzzle

The goal of the classic Sudoku puzzle is to fill all cells on the grid with a number from 1 to 9 without repeating on any of the rows, columns, or 3 x 3 squares. In order to achieve the goal of the game, you must collect the cells, but how and where are they collected? You can collect them in the form of a grid Where it contains from one number to the number nine, but without any repetition of the numbers.

Jigsaw/irregular Sudoku puzzle

The rules for the jigsaw puzzle are the same as for the classic Sudoku puzzle except that the block is of an irregular shape. Instead of the normal 3×3 square box, the irregular sudoku puzzle consists of 9 irregular shaped blocks which vary with color or border, no matter if it is classic sudoku or jigsaw sudoku game, each sudoku puzzle will have only one solution.

Key features of the sudoku puzzle game:

  1. • No ads: eg play the best sudoku puzzle game without any interruption from ads.
  2. • Classic and irregular Sudoku mode: Play classic Sudoku puzzles/jigsaw puzzles in one app
  3. • Clean UI/UX: Clean, beautiful and simple design for distraction-free gameplay with cool animations.
  4. • Dark/Light theme: Play your favorite Sudoku game in either the light or dark theme whichever you prefer.
  5. • Unlimited Undo: Undo every mistake.
  6. • Statistics: Keep track of your best time. Track your progress
  7. • Note Mode: Notes mode to fill in notes
  8. • Difficulty level: Five difficulty levels to test your sudoku solving style (easy, medium, hard, expert, ultimate). From beginners to advanced players, you will find the perfect sudoku puzzle to solve.
  9. • Autosave: Sudoku Classic games are automatically saved on exit. Pause and resume the game at any time.
  10. • THOUSANDS OF PUZZLES: You’ll never play the same game twice with more Sudoku puzzles added in each update
  11. • Auto-fill notes: Auto-fill notes on a single cell or all cells with a single click. You do not need to fill notes on the cell.
  12. Hints: Have you ever stuck with Sudoku puzzles? Well, hints will help you to advance.
  13. • Automatic update of notes: With each number filled in a cell, all corresponding cells will update their notes.

Gas without annoying ads

You can play and solve many puzzles without ads, as you will have more fun without annoying ads, as many ads cause inconvenience to players so that the player will not take the liberty of playing beautifully and fun, but through this game you will enjoy playing without ads.

You can challenge yourself using error mode where 3 mistakes will finish the sudoku puzzle game. Can you solve the challenging Sudoku puzzles without making any mistakes? Find out by playing the best free offline sudoku games.

You can delve into many puzzles and challenge yourself to solve these puzzles, and you must set a goal for you, which is not to make any mistakes while solving puzzles by collecting cells on the grids, here you will challenge yourself not to make mistakes.

We are working hard to add killer Sudoku (also known as Sudoku) puzzles on the app.

Play the best Sudoku Classic fun sudoku game on the store and boost your solving ability. Challenge yourself with new mind refreshing free sudoku puzzles every day, and in no time you’ll be a master at solving challenging sudoku puzzles.

Keep playing the best sudoku game with no ads and no distractions. Share the puzzle game Sudoku Classic Classic Sudoku / Jigsaw with your family and friends, in addition to that there is a puzzle game that you will like, you can view it from here .

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What's new

Modern design.
More sudoku (both classic and jigsaw/irregular) puzzles added.
Restored exit button
Fix statistics not working properly
Display game type on Main Screen
Fix few dark colors not displaying


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