SMS Backup, Print & Restore
SMS Backup is an app that copies, converts or exports your SMS/MMS text messages to PDF , CSV, JPG, HTML or TXT and then restores them back to your device, prints or shares them. It is a must have for every smartphone.
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SMS Backup, Print & Restore application

SMS Backup is an app that copies, converts or exports your SMS/MMS text messages to PDF , CSV, JPG, HTML or TXT and then restores them back to your device, prints or shares them. It is a must have for every smartphone.

Previously called “SMS Share 2”

With SMS Backup, Print & Restore, you can create backups of your SMS, MMS and RCS logs, then share them using email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and every other sharing method your phone offers. Then you can use the files to store on your computer or backup to the cloud. You can later use these files to restore or print your messages.

Backup via messages

What you can do with SMS Backup, Print & Restore: ✉️ Backup & Restore your messages – Just send your messages to your email or leave the files in the device – You can restore all messages on the same device or another device.

✉️ Print SMS and MMS backups! – Perfect for court or for archiving lost messages with loved ones. Print directly from your phone or share the backup to your email, open it on your desktop and print.

Special Features of SMS Backup App

⭐ Backup and restore both text and MMS messages ⭐ Supports RCS and “Advanced Messaging” (not on all devices) ⭐ Supports Emojis.

⭐ Preview PDF and TXT files ⭐ Supports sharing of contacts – vCard, xCard, jCard, hCard Supports sharing of calendar events – vCal (Events, Todos, Journal).

Trial/Pro versions

“SMS Backup and Restore”, although it performs a simple task, is a large project to develop and maintain. Since there are so many devices and so many different applications for texting, it requires constant attention, development, and improvements. In order to keep it moving, there is a small fee to unlock all the features.

The free version allows you to share 6 messages at a time and includes ads. It’s a bit more complicated but actually allows for full functionality, especially for shorter conversions. If you upgrade to pro, you can send all messages at once.

Personal note from the developer:

I am very grateful to know that SMS Backup app is serving many of you in important cases like getting justice or saving important messages from your families. I do my best to remember that and improve the SMS Backup app as much as I can with the intention of helping in times of need and not just treating it as a business. If you are in urgent need of SMS Backup, but cannot afford it at the moment, please contact me.

Convert & Export SMS – Formats: SMS Backup, Print & Restore will convert your SMS to PDF , CSV, HTML or JPG formats, export conversations to files, and save them to a storage device.

It will use these files as attachments and share them across different sharing apps. All files are recoverable, which means you can retrieve your text message data to the device.

PDF file: The best choice for printing SMS and multimedia messages (MMS/RCS messages).
It can be opened with Adobe Reader.

“SMS Backup, Restore & Print” feature

“SMS Backup, Restore & Print” feature will create beautifully designed PDF files with graphics and text.

Supports SMS text messages, as well as MMS (images and links)

HTML file: Zip file – can be opened via a web browser. Good for backups, printing long conversations, or if the PDF option isn’t working properly.

CSV file: Best for data processing and analysis.

Opens using Excel or Google Sheets.

Turns your SMS conversations into well-organized spreadsheets.

Image files: Best for sharing SMS/MMS conversations with friends (such as Facebook , WhatsApp, Twitter ins).
Supports jpg image file formats.

Fully customizable: Allows you to edit, color, and personalize conversations so you get the exact results you’ve been looking for.

“SMS Backup & Restore” app contains

It has a great user interface and integrated with animations, which makes the SMS Backup app easy and simple to use.

Hope you enjoy and find the SMS Backup app useful 🙂

What's new

New feature: change automatic file names
Improvements: UI , restore functionality and sharing


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