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The smart password game is a new version of the traditional game, the lost word game or the lost word game, and it is a game in a modern and new style
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Smart password game

The smart password game is a new version of the traditional game, the lost word game or the lost word game, and it is a game in a modern and new style.

password game 2022-2023 will spend hours of fun and entertainment in addition to the benefit that you can reap through playing and acquiring your intuitive speed and observation. 

The new smart password game, Smart, in its new version, is a new game from the traditional game, the password, and it is one of the most beautiful thinking and intelligence games. It is famous, in addition to the crossword game, as one of the traditional games that has maintained its permanent presence with us in times of entertainment. It is the game that is more entertaining whether you play it alone or sharing with friends.

About the smart password game

The idea of ​​the game depends on finding all the missing or hidden words from the table of letters belonging to the same title of the puzzle and trying to pass them on the table and cross them out horizontally vertically or diagonally to get the whole word.

The game contains a large number of stages. You will find words by searching for the elements that belong to this group, where there are many groups and types that you have to guess in.

As for the difficult level, you will have to find all the words, guess them, and cross them out from the table. We made the game constantly renewed so that when you finish a certain stage and return to it.

you will find that it appeared in a new way and in another way that differs from the stage that you sealed and this is what makes you in a permanent continuation of the game away from boredom and repetition.

Two games in one

The game includes two games in one application, the first game is the password game and the second game is the super memory game. Both games make you enjoy the most fun linguistic and written puzzles.

In the super memory game you have to memorize the words that will appear to you for a short time then they will disappear and you have to memorize them and then Then search for it in the scattered letters table and the faster you are the more lucky you will be and the more points you will get.

The goal of the game is to try to stimulate your memory and think about finding the required word.

and this makes you acquire skill in speed of observation, accuracy and intuitiveness.

Download now the smart password game to have a fun intelligent fight !

Smart password game features

This password game is one of the most fun intelligence games and puzzles that you are looking for. You can now download a game and get two games, each one more fun than the other. Find the missing letters in the words and find the missing word link. Do not forget to test your speed in memorizing and remembering in the memory game. Here are the most important features that you will get inside the game.

1- A free game that you can download and play for free.
2- A light game that does not require much space.
3- A game with a beautifully designed and simplified user interface.
4- The game is equipped with three difficulties, easy, medium and hard.. (You can choose the level of difficulty from the settings men

5- Proverbs and famous phrases that test your knowledge of general culture.

6- The stages get more difficult as you progress.                            7– Two games in one, a password game and a memory game.

How to download smart password game apk

You can get the application for free with any other application for free through our website. Download the password game now to enjoy the best intelligence game ever. Below are the steps to download the APK application and any other application:

  1. Open our  xapkpure website to download the app for free.
  2. Find the app in the search box.
  3. Download the app for free on your device.
  4. Install the application on your device immediately after downloading.

What's new

- Fix the problem of points not appearing on Google stats



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