Rise of the Kings

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Rise of the Kings

Rise of the Kings The new Hero System version has been released! The war is still going on in the game Rise of the Kings in order to control the kingdom and the seat of power, but the people have suffered a lot from these wars and were stung by their fires.

it is your chance to be the champion of the kingdom and the new king and the best ruler, but a group of other heroes have appeared in the kingdom can you Be the superior and the most powerful!

There are many heroes who are powerful talented characters with unique skills and it is said that the strength of one is equal to that of ten ordinary people, and they play a crucial role in building the castle.

Choose your favorite heroes in the new version to join your forces to fight enemies, defeat deadly monsters and build a new colony.

About the game Rise of the Kings

Fierce dragons have risen all over this land in ROK, players from all over the world are fighting for world domination in this strategy game. You have to fight to prove yourself and get your place in this world by making good use of the advantages of strategy and team games.

You are not the only one fighting there also other princes are fighting for survival. In the world of this strategy game, the fate of the kingdom and also the fate of your soldiers is in your hands. Protect them from any assault or attack. although Come on, download and install the game to start training a powerful army to fight against evil and fight the most epic battles!

Rise of the Kings Rally your friends for an epic war against the evil enemies. If you follow the style of wise leadership and flexible diplomacy, you may be the prince who rises to the top and claim the crown of the king!

Features of the game 

Download this exciting war strategy game on your device and start playing with players from all over the world!

also Rise of the Kings Enjoy fighting with friends or fighting alone in the world’s largest fighting game.

use the features of the union of armies and fight with your friends to increase the fun prepare your plans and use your war cunning to be able to take over the whole kingdom. be the first hero in this exciting fighting game. Here are the most important features that Rise of the Kings offers you:

Free Game: firstly Invite your old and new friends to create a powerful and invincible alliance with the best free fighting game.
– Start from scratch: following Build your kingdom from scratch and train an army of warriors, knights, chariots and stormtroopers.
– FORM YOUR ARMY WITH YOUR ARMY : Gather your army now, train your army and strengthen them in battle to crush your enemies.
Explore wild lands!

– Wild Monsters Await: further Attack and kill monsters roaming the wild lands to train your skills and get treasures.
Hidden Treasures: Explore ruins left by ancient princes, and confront guards to get hidden treasures that will help you build your kingdom.
– A new king will appear: Become the king who rules over the town again.

Powerful Rivals: Take on assault challenges, prove your worth, and battle the most powerful princes in the world.

How to download Rise of the Kings APK 2023 for Android for free

Enjoy fighting with the best fighting game for Android, use your skills to form the army, plan the attack and seize new cities, and do not forget to confront the deadly monsters and overcome them so that your kingdom may live in peace, play Rise of the Kings and create your own kingdom.

finally Now you can download various Android apps and games on your device for free. Here are the steps to download Rise of the Kings APK for free with the following steps:

  1. Open the xapkpure website to download the app for free.
  2. Find the app in the search box.
  3. Download the app for free to your device.
  4. After downloading the application, install it on your device

Start the battle and defeat monsters and enemies to build your kingdom.

What's new

[New Contents]
1. Added 4 Red Support Heroes

1. Improved hero recruitment

2. Increased hero's buff level cap

3. Improved Kingdom Crossing event

4. Close maze system

5. Modification of heroes' skill and characteristics

6. Turn off the hero exchange feature


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