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Music Mixer – Dj it

Are you a music freak? Do you want to experience music travel by mixing your favorite songs in one song, do you love duet songs and enjoy sharing and mixing them, you are here at the best music mixing app ever.

Welcome to a mobile DJ music mixer experience like no other. It’s time to turn on your headphones and discover a master DJ mix experience and classes that let you learn to mix like a pro! Download the app now and mix your favorite songs and make the best duet of 2023 with the music mixer app for Android.

About Music Mixer DJ It

Download the complete toolkit of the music mixer ! Your fingertips can create songs and remix tracks just like the pros, except that instead of a large collection, you only need one small smartphone to DJ your own!

Do you think you would compromise on track quality? Our mobile DJ mixing tool allows you to use tools as precisely as a home Music Mixer DJ to remix songs and hit those top-notch beats. It even shows you exactly how to do it to get the best music mixing results – like a Pro!

Features of the DJ mixer app

And don’t forget to enjoy this custom DJ mixer experience, your tracks will sound great as if they were designed by music professionals ! So swipe your finger to download and take advantage of these amazing DJ Mix features. Here are the main features of the app:

1- Learn to blend
You’ve got the tools. We got experience. And together we will be unstoppable. DJ it! It helps you learn how to make songs by remixing tracks and gives practical tips for remixing them to perfection. With our app you can take lessons, no matter your ability and learn these essential DJ skills.

2- Tests.
Start your DJ journey on the right foot. Take a quick test, and our smart system will analyze your DJ skill level! But that’s just to get you started! Keep studying to become a master mixer and level up while passing more music mixer tests and getting high scores in each test.

3- Glossary of terms.
Baffled by Faders, Pitch Slider, and Filters? What about channels and turntables too? See those decks and those mixers? What do they do? Dive into our glossary and find out what these DJ terms mean so you sound like a true pro when you’re hitting the decks.

4- DJ mixer tips.
It can be difficult to start something new. But luckily we’re here to help. From master loops to learning hot new cues, and the ins and outs of mixing apps, we’re here to help you learn everything you need to know about remixing songs and creating new tracks.

5- Interesting tutorials.
Learn every aspect of DJing from A to Z. If this setup sounds like a foreign language, prepare for a lesson in DJ mixing that will turn your world upside down. Promise, you’ll be mixing, tracing and creating songs like a pro in no time!

6- Practice to perfection.
Music mixer app DJ it! It lets you unleash your creativity with an unparalleled mobile mixing suite that gives you the power to create songs at your fingertips. Practice those beats, remix those melodies, and become the DJ you always knew you could be. Start from scratch, mash, edit, loop, fade, and more until you get the right sound! You can do it, DJ!

What makes me download  Music Mixer dj it

There are a lot of exclusive tools and distinctive settings that make you download this music mixing application, and the following are the most important of these settings and features:

  • Automatic detection of BPM
  • Tap to set BPM, just tap on a track to sync!
  • Everything you need from PRO-FX including Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Gate, High/Low Pass, Phaser, Bit Crusher, Roll, Reverse.
  • Episodes: 1/16 to 64
  • Up to 4 hot cues per group!
  • Automated synchronization of audio FX on BPM. With three bands EQ.
  • High fidelity recording with autosave and upload to your library so you never lose a mix.
  • Support for all major audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF

How to download Music Mixer Dj it APK for Android 2023 for free

Mix your own music and make the best duet from your favorite artists through the DJ IT music mixer app, download the app for free APK and many other free Android games and applications by following the steps below with ease:

  • Go to  xapkpure
  • Search for the game or app in the search box.
  • Choose the Download option to download the APK.
  • Wait for it to download and then install the app on your device.

What's new

Get ready to take your DJit skills to the next level with DJit's latest update! Now with Soundcloud integration, you can access an incredible library of tracks and remixes to create your own unique mixes. Enjoy the convenience of uploading and streaming your favorite music right from the app, and create amazing remixes like a pro!


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