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Do you have the courage to fight.
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Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Do you have the courage to fight and face the scourge of war? Can you lead your team and direct your army towards a war, either victorious or losing? Do not hesitate now and be the new leader of the nation, collect all the weapons and choose your army formation, and do not forget to confront the deadly monsters to welcome the war and rule your empire as you wish.

Do not hesitate to download the best and most enthusiastic war game, here on Lords Mobile you can form the strongest armies and fight enthusiastically with the great and dark forces of evil, it is not like other fighting games, but here you get a real fun battle in which you win and lose.

About Lords Mobile game

The empire has fallen and chaos has spread throughout it, and now it desperately needs a true hero with an iron fist who will unite the kingdoms and recruit heroes of all kinds, from dwarves and mermaids to elves and robots, gather your army in this magical world and fight to consolidate the pillars of your empire!

Download the game now and use all your experience in wars, form your army in a balanced defensive and combative way to protect your land and win your battle, participate in conquering castles to control larger areas and be sure to imprison and eliminate enemies so that they are not threatened again, enjoy the many options available on the Lords Mobile game.

Features of  game 

There are a lot of fighting games, but not all of them are like the game of Lords, which is full of enthusiasm and fighting. You will not advance a step easily. Winning requires a lot of sacrifices and a lot of advance plans. It is the best game for Android ever. Start with your small army now and go to increase your equipment, men and castles as well.

Now enjoy participating in a fierce war, choose deadly weapons and put your combat plan in order to be able to rob the largest number of castles and do not forget to fortify your castles, greater enthusiasm and more fighting in the game Lords Mobile Learn about some of the features of the game:

Upgrade buildings, conduct research, train troops, and develop heroes to lead your kingdom to prosperity! Build your own kingdom step by step.

⚔️Collect relics⚔️
Explore ancient relics in the Hall of Relics. Upgrade and improve them to unlock their true power! Collect relics after the war and build your own museum.

👌Exploit different troop formations👌
4 different troop types, 6 different troop formations for you to choose from! Plan your formations and assign your troops to the heroes! Fit heroes lead their soldiers to defeat your enemies!

your team of 5 strongest heroes to fight in RPG-style campaigns! Only the tough generals of war lead your kingdom to victory, the most competent soldiers are the most experienced in the battlefields, be their seasoned commander and fight with one hand.

🤝Forge alliances with the most powerful lords🤝

Join an alliance to fight alongside your allies! Take part in wars together to win many exciting events: Alliance Wars, Kingdom Clash, Royal Battles, Wonder Battles, Black Nest Invasion, and much more!

👑Lead your armies to the pinnacle of glory👑
. Have you enough wisdom and deliberation? Then you will love Border Gate! Collect and upgrade cards, mix and choose the right ones to deal with the different stages, your smart strategy is the key to defeat the enemies within the borders!

👊Clashes and wars against players around the world👊
Millions of Arab players and players from around the world are dueling with each other at the same time. Do you have the audacity to run over everyone who stands in your way! Seize the throne and rule the lands of vast kingdoms!

Clash your armies against the armies of other players with exciting 3D graphics that will heat up the fighting spirit in your veins! Watch the magic of your heroes unleash their skills and harness their arcane powers to triumph in the most professional way.

How to download Lords Mobile APK 2023 for Android for free

Enjoy forming your army step by step, searching for enemies to fight and eliminate them, and do not forget to control new castles and repel different monsters when sudden attacks, enjoy a more fierce and fun combat game.

Now you can download various Android apps and games on your device for free. Here are the steps to download Lords Mobile APK for free with these steps:

  1. Open the xapkpure website to download the app for free.
  2. Find the app in the search box.
  3. Download the app for free to your device.
  4. After downloading the application, install it on your device.

What's new

# Celebrate the New Year with the return of the Magic Shop! Get exclusive castle theme, emojis, pictures, and more!
# New mode: [Vanguard Trophy] (you must have a level 25 castle to participate)
- must use crowd attacks to occupy a vanguard fortress to attack the Royal Trophy
# Gift Shop: players can now send major gifts (monthly or weekly cards) to other players
# improved resource sending : The game will now remember how many resources you sent previously



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