Kings Challenge | Sultans’ War

Form your army and win the battle!
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Kings Challenge Sultans’ War


Kings Challenge is a strategy war game full of challenge, excitement and fun! Fortify your castle, form a powerful army, and join the world of legends and epic battles in the most powerful Arab strategy game. Now you can brag about your strength and the strength of your alliance against other kingdoms, but know well that only the Sultan will control the king’s throne, share the fun with your friends and join the community of kings.

Gather your army and take part in the battles!

You will build your own empire, develop civilization, train armies, rally your allies to conquer lands, fight enemies from all over the Arab world and seize the throne. Join the world of epic battles and fight bravely with friends!

Pay attention to the development of offensive and defensive war tactics, as it is one of the most important reasons for the survival and rise of civilizations, and preserve your castle and alliance castles from the attacks of sultans, alliances and other kingdoms. And do not forget that in the customs of battles ; Revenge is a duty, not an escape from war!


What does the Kings Challenge game offer you?

You may lose a battle, but don’t lose the war, prepare your army, train your soldiers, and be ready for battles. Gain your fame and be one of the sultans with the best game of challenges The game of challenging kings and the war of sultans is one of the best enthusiastic games that offers you great fun, what are you waiting for form your army and enjoy the fight.

📜An Arab strategy game that📜
needs a tight plan with the alliance to create buildings and control their resources. Develop your empire and recruit the largest number of soldiers to protect and defend your alliance and your kingdom. Plan to defend as you plan to attack and fight a war for control of the rest of the world

⚔️Forge friendships and alliances⚔️
in Kings Challenge, your allies are your way to ensure your survival on the throne and win victories! Forge an alliance with friends and control together the empire of enemies and participate in the strongest battles! Are you ready for battle?

Alexander’s generals! Genghis Khan! Caesar! Jan Dark! Salahaddin! Choose and recruit world-famous generals and characters. Now you can become the characters you love!

🧭The son of an indomitable nation,🧭
what are you waiting for, get ready for a historical epic to control all the neighboring kingdoms! Strengthen your defense in order to stand up to the invasions of the enemy army and the use of clever tactics in the conflict will give you more power, because strength is with intelligence and not by huge numbers! Choose your orders wisely to try to win every time

🔥An online strategy game,🔥
one of the most powerful Arab strategy games in the world, an MMO RPG game that enables you to live a great gaming experience that requires intelligence, continuous and strategic play, and also enables you to fight battles with other players online PVP.

☠️Your kingdom is in your hands☠️
! Deploy armies, build buildings, and face invaders for revenge. On the battlefield, conquer all the kingdoms and dominate the sultan’s throne! Call all sultans ! The war of kings has begun!

📜Monthly, Weekly and Daily Events📜
– Magical Mine activation event.
– Alliance war event.
– Gold happened.
Server party.
– looking for the treasure.
Dark soldiers.
– The return of the king.
The Battle of Atlantis.

Heroes of the Kings Challenge Game Sultans War

Revenge of Sultans game contains many historical heroes known for their bravery and ferocity. Choose your favorite character and fight battles in her name. Here are the most famous heroes of the game:

Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi
Saladin was a strategic military leader in the Islamic world in the Middle Ages, and he is the founder of the Ayyubid state in Egypt.

Gaius Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar or the great Caesar broke the prestige of the Roman generals and occupied Rome and started a new era of Roman civilization

Alexander the Great
, a famous military and political strategist, swept through Persia, united Greece, and established an empire that stretched across Europe and Asia.

Richard the Lionheart
is a legendary king who fought many major battles, such as his famous battle with Saladin. His army gained fame and name for its bravery and heroism in epic battles

is a Norwegian Viking explorer Eric is the most famous legend of the Viking tribes. Eric crossed the Atlantic and discovered Greenland, to which many brave Vikings had traveled.

Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc is a French national heroine, a twelve-year-old girl who reclaimed a lost land and was an example of courage, strength and warlike skill.


How to download Challenge Kings APK

You can get the Kings Challenge War of Sultans APK with ease and install it on your phone without the need for Google Play or any download applications, now download the Kings Challenge game and enjoy a lot of the features that this download manager carries, download the application by following the following download steps to download The application on your device:
1- Go to our xapkpure website to get the application
2- Search for the application in the search box
3- Click on the download button to install the application on your mobile device.


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