Jawaker Tarneeb , Trix, Hand

Jawaker collects more than 35 Arabic card games from the Arab world.
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Jawaker Tarneeb , Trix, Hand

Do you want to play card games on your phone, have you ever tried to simulate the reality of card games through your smartphone, Jawaker Tarneeb brings together more than 35 Arab card games from the Arab world from different Arab countries, play with your friends and make new friends through a card playing experience Fun feature on your phone screen, join millions of players from all over the world at any time with just one click.

About the game Jawaker Tarneeb , Trix, Hand

Jawaker Tarneeb, Trix, Hand application is designed to simulate the reality of the various famous card games around the Arab world. Many card games are designed to be played naturally and normally through your phone with ease. All you have to do is beautify the application and choose your favorite game or the game you used to play in childhood days. Or with friends and get strong rivals to enjoy playing more and more.

Gather your friends inside the game and enjoy playing cards from your phone without the trouble of gatherings. Just log in to the game and choose one of the 35 card games available in Tarneeb Jawaker. Collect cards and play more than one game and discover new card games available that have been collected from different Arab countries. Jawaker includes many and many popular card games in the Arabian Peninsula, the Maghreb, Egypt and Sudan as well. Play in any Arab country that you will enjoy playing.

Popular games available on Jawaker

Because Jawaker is one of the games that has been designed by collecting the famous card games around the Arab world, you will, of course, get a variety of card games from different Arab countries of different Arab nationalities, here on Jawaker you will get thirty-five different card games of fun card games .

The card games available in the application vary between easy and difficult, old and new, and those games that you can remember easily when you see them in front of you, and here are some of the names of the games that we provide to you within the application.

– Tarneeb, Syrian Tarneeb
– Trix, Sharaka and CC Complex
– Hand, Saudi Hand and Sharaka Hand
– Uno with an Arabic flavor
– Chess for professionals
– Jackaroo, Jakaroo Complex and Dama
– Bent Al-Sabit and Konkan
– Arbameya and Lekha
– Banakul, Basurrah and Tangier
– Kot Po4, Cote Po6
– Ronda
– Baloot with free play and restrictions
– Saudi Deal and Monobu Deal
– Ludo
– Dominoes and Dominoes Partnership
– Luck Bank of Egypt

Features of Jawaker Tarneeb game

There are many card games available for smartphones, but not all of them are like Jawaker Tarneeb, the most fun game that includes many card games in just one game. In addition to the features that the application provides besides playing, there are many features you know below.

Players available all the time:

Get to know Arab players from different Arab countries and enjoy playing with them, get rid of the problem of searching for players every time you want to play, here on Jawaker you find players around the clock.

Live voice chat:

Through the microphone, you can make voice calls while playing for a more realistic gaming experience with real people on the ground.

Strong competition:

Enjoy playing a competitive game that enables you to compete with the strongest and most skilled card players in the world, enter the challenge and always win and win mobiles.

– Professional journals

The game offers leagues for professionals and players with the highest score, you can get it when you get high points, play and get high points to be in the league team.

Weekly challenges inside Jawaker Tarneeb:

Participate in weekly challenges to win many special prizes, get the highest points and win the most amazing prizes available in the application.

Technical support team:

Jawaker Tarneeb application provides you with a specialized technical support team that is ready around the clock. Consult and ask at any time, as our team is available 24 hours a day.

Chat and get acquainted:

Not only in Jawaker Tarneeb play and have fun, but you can chat and meet new friends through the game, play and make friends at the same time.

You can enjoy the following additional features in Jawaker Tarneeb:

– Subscribe to Basha for an ad-free experience.
– Mark your account with the VIP logo and badge
– Play at your own table and colorize your seat
– Send gifts and collectibles to your friends
– Create new clubs and join existing ones.

How to download Jawaker Tarneeb Trix Hand and others

This paper game application is one of the best paper games applications that integrate the past with the present. Download the Tarneeb application in APK format with ease and install it on your phone without the need for Google Play or any other download applications. Download the game by following the following download steps:
1- Go to our xapkpure website to get the app for free.
2- Search for the application in the search box on the site.
3- Click on the download button to install the application on your mobile device

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