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Pull the pins carefully to save the knight and princess
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How to Loot – Pin Pull

Play How to Loot and you will have to solve brain damage puzzles to pull the pin and help the knights destroy monsters, rescue the princess and find the treasure. Pull the pins carefully, think carefully and choose the right angle to pull the pin to save the brave knights from dangers, fire and sharp arrows set by monsters to prevent reaching and saving the princess.

About How to Loot

The story of How to Loot is about brave knights who are trying to rescue the princess who is trapped by monsters, a lot of dangers are on your way knights to stop them, blazing fires killer arrows and deadly monsters and many many more dangers that you will face if you do not pull the pin correctly save the life of the knight and the life of the princess.

In this pin lock game, you need to go through hard challenges like: pull the pin to save the man, pull the pin to pick up the treasure, and save the princess. So you will have to use your IQ, all your intelligence, to pull the pin logically. After searching for a solid plan for success you will find on your way countless beauty and treasures waiting for you to capture. Let’s play now!

How to Loot

You may be wondering how to play the game how to loot simply pull the pin to save the man in pin lock game and then pick up the treasure, there will be scary monsters lurking around you, you have to be careful, count carefully before you pull the pin to avoid the ugly monsters.

Pull pins to escape, so easy! Use your brain to pull the pin to destroy the monster then come to the side of the princess and the treasure. When you pull the pin to save the human, you pick up the treasure, you have to be careful and use your mentality to pull the pins to escape from the monsters, if you pull the wrong order of the pins, you may lose miserably, hold the treasure of the kingdom and be the richest and most generous knight with the best offline games .

How to loot . game modes

The gameplay of this pin lock game is very simple but to win you must have a smart, agile and logical mind to know what you have to pull the pins from to escape the princess from the monsters and capture the precious treasures. You can free to try pin rescue game without worrying about boredom, in addition to the main game mode, there are up to 4 other game modes:

game how to loot

Fighting mode : The knight must fight monsters non-stop
️- Treasure mode: You don’t have to worry about trapping or fighting any enemies, your task is just to get as much treasure as possible.
Tower mode : Do you know the wood pull game? Draw the wood skillfully so that the treasure on top of the wooden tower falls on you
– Chest mode : Just like placing the tower, you must also draw the wood cleverly so that the enemy can fall into the lava or spikes

– Choose your knight and start your journey
– Enjoy the fun of rescuing the princess and collecting treasure, Increase your balance and collect a lot at each stage.
– Constantly update new more difficult, attractive and challenging levels and have fun playing it.
– Eye-catching graphics and smooth effects, easy to play anytime and anywhere.
– More than 500 very attractive challenges are waiting for you, what are you waiting for download the game.
– Choose your knight and start your fun journey in rescuing the princess
– IQ quest system

game how to loot

تحميل لعبة How to Loot

يمكنك الحصول على لعبة How to Loot بصيغة APK بكل سهولة وتثبيته على جهاز الهاتف دون الحاجة لجوجل بلاي أو أي تطبيقات التحميل، قم بتنزيل لعبة How to Loot – لعبة إنقاذ الدبوس الأكثر شيوعًا والعبها اليوم للمشاركة في قهر التحديات الرائعة شارك تجاربك في لعب لعبة الألغاز هذه ، وسنستمع إليها ونحسنها كل يوم.  واستمتع  بـ تنزيل لعبة مسلية كهذه ، حمل اللعبة من خلال اتباع خطوات التحميل التالية لتنزيل اللعبة على جهازك :
1- انتقل لموقعنا xapkpure للحصول على التطبيق
2- ابحث عن التطبيق في مربع البحث
3- اضغط على زر التحميل لتثبيت التطبيق على جهازك المحمول.قم الآن بتحميل تطبيقتنزيل الفيديو لـ Pinterest واحتفظ بفيديوهاتك المفضلة على جهاز هاتفك.
أتمنى أن تستمتع وتتغلب على الألغاز التي تدمر الدماغ في How to Loot.

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