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Gb Wasahp messenger is instantly to send messages to anyone without number saving. The direct chat messenger allows you to instantly send messages & that message chatting number is not required saved in contact.
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Mar 25, 2023
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Gb Wasahp Plus app

Gb Wasahp messenger is a gbwhatsapp3 plus 2022 chat tool app which includes different chat functionality that allows you to save status video and many other features that will make your chatting easy. wasattsap plus messenger is direct message send and always stay in touch with your members.

Correct chat message does not require saving the number in this app. Wadirect chat view all status images and status videos that you can view on your device and also store in device with fast status saver. In message chat has many features of delta what plus messenger and FM what plus messenger which is more convenient, private and secure for user privacy.

 Wasahp messenger and instantly to send messages to anyone without saving the number. Live chat software allows you to send messages instantly and this chat number is not required to be saved in the contact.

Key Features of Directchat Messenger Gb Wasahp

  1. Live Chat:
    Send easy chat messages on plus messenger without saving contact number in phone. You can send a direct message to any number we have saved. Live chat does not require saving the number.
  2. Blank Message:
    Simple chatbot does not allow to send blank message to anyone but with right chat allows to send blank messages to anyone.
  3. Text Repeater:
    Generates text with the same typed words in multiple numbers of characters. It generates a number of time for words, characters, senses, etc.
  4. Status saver:
    With FM wasaph & gb wasaph chat feature you can store all status videos, status image, same device store and share with your friends, neighbors and family also.
  5. Fancy Font Style:
    Different text style font of your written word has been configured

Gb Wasahp Application Features ✜

  1. • Gb Wasahp Tools for Chat application.
  2. • Gb Wasahp Tools for chat application.
  3. • Direct chat with an unsaved or unknown number.
  4. • You can use GB GB What’s Latest and get full access to all other features.
  5. • Restore a deleted message.
  6. • A video divider of the situation.
  7. • Status saver app for GB What.
  8. • Chat style for GB What.
  9. • Tools for GB What Call.
  10. • Download your family or friends status for Whatsapp in just one click and also share it with others.
  11. • If you want to send a message without saving the number, you can do so using this application.

Our application is a tool for the WhatsApp application to chat with friends without saving friends’ numbers, where you can message and chat with anyone without saving their number in the contacts on your phone, and this will provide a lot in addition to many features that you can access for free, also there are many messages And chats that are deleted intentionally or unintentionally, but through our application you can restore them at any time you want.

How to use the Gb Wasahp program

  1. • See the statuses you want.
  2. • Go back to the status saver app and swipe down to refresh.
  3. • That’s it, you can now download your statuses or share them with friends.

You can see many cases of friends on WhatsApp, and if you like any status and want to share it with your friends, our application will provide you with this service for free, in addition to that you will see the status at any time you want and share it whenever you want.


We respect the privacy of your details and this Directchat message is one of them. So, in Directchat messages, we don’t save any contact number and message.


  1. • Please take permission before downloading or reusing photo or video statues.
  2. • The user is solely responsible for unauthorized re-uploading or downloading of contents or violations of intellectual property rights. This app strongly discourages such actions.
  3. • Downloading or re-uploading of contents without permission is not encouraged.
  4. • This application is not affiliated with Gb Wasahp.


  1. • This app is in no way affiliated with WhatsApp, Inc. sponsored or endorsed by him.
  2. • The name “Whatsapp” or “WhatsApp” is copyright WhatsApp, Inc.
  3. • This application is not responsible for any kind of use of downloaded content by the user.

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