Escape Room – Grim of Legacy

Get ready for an exciting adventure full of mystery and challenges in this one tap escape game.
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Escape Room – A sullen legacy

Welcome to the escape room from ENA Game Studio! Get ready for an exciting adventure full of mystery and challenges in this one tap escape game. Solve interesting puzzles and enjoy moving from closed rooms one after another after solving various puzzles.

It is an interesting game based on solving smart puzzles, through the escape room game you can move from the different stages and choose the appropriate characters so that you can feel that you are part of the game. It is a brain training game. Download the game and discover its secrets now.

About the escape room game

The archaeologist brings the box home and examines it carefully, unaware of its true nature. Meanwhile, his little daughter, full of curiosity and innocence, inadvertently takes the box, mistaking it for a simple toy or trinket. When she opens the box, a radiant portal materializes in front of her, telling her to go inside.

With a childish sense of amazement, the archaeologist’s daughter hesitantly steps through the portal, only to find herself transported into a different world entirely. Plus there are four main characters present. Each of them has financial needs. The unidentified man gives tasks to all of them as per their current status. However, the game becomes very dangerous.

You have only two options, either to receive death or to solve puzzles and get out of the dilemma of closed rooms. Moreover, the game increases your intelligence by solving different puzzles that are diverse and really interesting.

Escape room game templates

There are many distinctive models and fun modes within the game, you can choose the appropriate mode and start playing. and the following are the most important models in the game.

1-Easy Mode:

If you are looking for a game that is easy to start but hard to stop. with an engaging mix of engaging puzzles and a straightforward user interface.

2- Navigation Mode:

As you move through each level, you must strategically combine and manipulate different elements to open doors. activate switches, and overcome mind-bending puzzles.

3. Time of the essence:

Time is of the essence as the maze is constantly shifting and rearranging itself, challenging your ability to think quickly and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

4- Escape room facilities:
This is how escape room facilities are popular locations for escape games. These facilities contain multiple rooms or scenarios, each with a different theme or story. Participants are usually locked in a room and must solve puzzles and find hidden clues within a certain amount of time to escape.

5- Puzzles and mini-games :
Escape games feature a variety of puzzles and challenges that players must solve to advance in the game. These can include riddles, ciphers, hidden objects, logic puzzles, pattern recognition, and more. The puzzles are usually interconnected, requiring players to find clues in one area of ​​the room to solve puzzles in another.

6- Accelerated Mode: Mini-games often feature fast-paced and immersive gameplay that keeps players hooked. They’re designed to be easy to pick up and play with, providing quick bursts of entertainment and fun challenges

7- Game Sounds:
We create an amazing soundscape that requires creativity, attention to detail, and experimentation. Enjoy the process and trust your instincts to create a truly memorable audio experience.

Game features

There are some features that the game offers you that make it one of the best fun and unique puzzle games. In addition to the game’s story full of puzzles, it is designed to be visually accurate that entice you to continue playing and searching for the hidden secrets of the game. Here are some of the features:

1- 50 Levels: The game provides you with 50 levels of attractive challenge, different from one stage to another.
2- Hints: Step by step hints features are available for you to understand the game and understand the complex stages.
3- Suitable for all: It is a game suitable for all age groups of both sexes, do not hesitate to download it.
4- Mini-games: There are some mini-games inside the game that you can play as they are addictive mini-games
5- Number of locations: There are many immersive locations and puzzles waiting for you to discover!

6- 26 languages ​​are available: There are many languages ​​available in the game, including English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, and Dutch. And also French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese. Also Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Download Escape Room APK for Android for free

Enjoy solving clever puzzles and participating in the terrifying adventure game heroes in escaping from scary closed rooms, go from level to level and win treasures. In the end, all you have to do is follow the following download steps to download the application to your device:
1- Go to our xapkpure website to get the app
2- Search for the app in the search box
3- Press the download button to install the app on your mobile device.
4- Wait a few seconds for the application to download.


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