AppLock allows you to lock apps and protect your apps using Pattern , Pin , Fingerprint and crash screen with many other options
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Jun 24, 2022
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AppLock software

AppLock allows you to lock and protect your apps by using a pattern, PIN, fingerprint, screen disable, and many other options.

What is a software AppLock?

Program lock works to protect all programs or applications that reside on your phone, as it provides many tools that help protect your applications, where you can protect applications by making a pattern, or by making an identification number or making a fingerprint, and in this way you can Protect all your apps.

Features of the programs and applications AppLock

  • AppLock /App Protector
    AppLock allows you to lock apps like gallery , message apps, social media apps and email apps by disabling screen, fingerprint, PIN and pattern
  • Take a picture of the intruder
    If someone tries to open locked apps with the wrong password, AppLock will take a picture of the intruder through the front camera and show you the picture when you unlock the apps
  • Lock recent
    apps You can lock the recent apps page so that no one can see the content of recently used apps.
  • Custom Settings
    Use a separate set of PIN or pattern lock methods for specific apps.
  • Screen crash
    Set a screen disable for a locked app, so no one knows the app is locked.
  • Fingerprint support
    Use your fingerprint as a secondary, or use your fingerprint only to unlock apps.
  • Improved Lock Engine
    Program Lock uses two locking engines, the default fast engine and a battery-efficient “improved lock engine” with more features that don’t drain your battery
  • Turn off Program Lock
    You can turn off AppLock completely, just go to the app settings and turn off the app
  • Lock timeout
    You can re-lock programs after a period of [1-60] minutes, immediately or after turning off the screen.
  • Simple and beautiful
    user interface Nice and simple user interface so you can perform any task easily.
  • Lock screen theme The lock screen
    color changes according to the app you locked, every time the lock screen appears, the apps lock will appear differently
  • Prevent Uninstall
    To protect AppLock from being uninstalled, you can go to AppLock setting and tap on Prevent Lock/Uninstall.


Q1: How can I create a different PIN and pattern for each app?

A: Select the application you want to lock from the list of applications, lock the application , then click Custom, then activate “Custom settings” and then change the password and pattern.

Q2: How can I prevent someone from uninstalling my app?

A: Go to Settings and click on Prevent Lock/Uninstall. Then lock your phone settings.

Q3: Will App Lock work if I restart my phone?

A: Yes, it will work, and your locked apps will be protected.

Q4: How can I find out which apps have been locked?

A: In the upper right corner of App Lock from the drop-down list, select “Locked apps”

Q5: What does the “Lock Recent Apps” feature do?

A: This option prevents anyone from seeing your recently opened apps.

Q6: I installed AppLock, but there is no option to lock my apps with a fingerprint?

A: It depends on your mobile phone, if your phone has a fingerprint scanner and Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), the fingerprint app lock will work as well.

Q7: On my Huawei device, when I open the AppLock, why does it ask again about the AppLock service option?

A: Because you have not added AppLock in your Huawei phone’s protected apps list.

Q8: What is “disable screen”?

A: If you enable disable screen for some apps, you will see a window with “disabled apps” message after long press on “OK”, you can go to lock screen .

Q9: How to activate the option to disable the screen in the application lock?

A: In the list of applications, lock the required application, click on “Custom” and activate the custom settings, then activate “Disable”.

Q10: How to uninstall AppLock?

A: First, remove AppLock from Device Admin in mobile settings or Program Lock settings, then simply uninstall it.
• Accessibility Service: This app uses Accessibility Services to enable Optimize Engine Lock and stop battery drain.
• Pull Other Programs: AppLock uses this permission to enable a screen lock on top of your locked app.
• Usage access: AppLock uses this permission to detect if an app lock is open.
• This app uses the Device Administrator permission: We use this permission to prevent other users from uninstalling this app so that your content can be fully secured.

What's new

*** Android (12)R supported ***
*** Bugs are Bad, Mkay? , lots of bugs fixed ***
*** Lock recent apps added ***
*** Hide Applock icon added ***
*** App uninstall lock added ****
*** Performance Improved ***


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